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Today we here at Android Meter are going to start a weekly feature called Android Meter App of the Week in which we will be looking through many apps on the Play Store to try to find that one app that stands out the most to us that week and bring it to you guys.

This week’s app is called Defense zone 2 HD. This app is basically a tower defense game of the highest quality in terms of graphics, sound, tactics, and everything else. Out of all of the tower defense games I have played this is by far the most entertaining and best looking tower defense game by far. I have been playing it for a week now and have found it hard to put down when I pick it up and start destroying tanks and airplanes as they try to reach their destination. Sound is also great, from the missiles exploding onto your enemies to your machine gun turrets blazing away everything just sounds great and realistic. And a great thing that I want to point out about this game is that it never freezes or crashes on me which is the biggest problem when it comes to about 75% of other tower defense games, that is a huge plus.

Like I said countless times in the above paragraph, this is a tower defense style game. Tower defense games are simple and have a single goal yet they are very tactical. A tower defense game works like this: build various weapon towers such as rocket launchers, lasers, artillery in order to stop walking enemy troops from reaching a destination. It sounds simple but again it becomes very tactical very quickly, you have to place the right turrets in the right spots while watching your money. Each tower you build cost a certain amount of money and each enemy you kill gains you a certain amount of money. After you build your towers you can also upgrade them for a set cost which will increase your towers range or damage or fire rate or any combination of the three. In order to complete a level you must survive a certain amount of enemy waves without letting a certain amount reach their goal location.

So why did this app make our app of the week this week? It was fun, great quality, and you could just see the amount of work that went into this game. When you play this game there is little to no bugs or glitches and the experience is solid and consistent. Defense zone 2 HD will set you back $2.99 but it is worth every penny in entertainment value. And if you want to try it out first before you buy it you can download the lite version for free.

Defense zone 2 HD

Defense zone 2 HD lite


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Nicholas Terry

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