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Joshua Topolsky of TheVerge was invited to Google’s headquarters in New York and got a first hand look at Glass.  The video below is of Mr. Topolsky talking to Google, trying out Glass, and finding interesting facts out about the product that were not known before now.

There is a lot of stuff that gets mentioned in this interview that was either not known before or just answers some of the many questions that surround Project Glass. I will cover the main points that stood out to me below.

  1. Mobile Data – The biggest question I have had since the beginning is how the device would be able to connect to the internet.  There was a lot of speculation that it would either connect to your smartphone or have its own cellular radios and sim card.  It have now been confirmed that Glass will be able to independently connect to WiFi networks and tether to your smartphone (Android or IOS) via bluetooth for when you need data while on the go.
  2. Swappable Frame – There is a small screw that is located on the frame that holds the Glass devices to the glasses frame.  This means that you can get different types of frames and use Glass with different types of glasses.  This also leads to the ability to wear prescription glasses while using the device.  It is now up to Google and other manufactures to make Glass compatible frames.
  3. Release of Consumer Glass – It was stated multiple times in the interview that Google is pushing/planning a full consumer release of Glass by the end of 2013.  These models will be a lot less than the $1,500 Explorer Edition Glass that will be coming to developers soon.
  4. Sunglass Attachment – It was said that make of the Explorer Edition “Package,” Google will also be including the sunglass attachment.  These can be easily twisted on and off of the Glass frame.  It is nice to know that there will be accessories available with Glass from the very beginning.

There is so much more that was talked about what those are the main points that stood out to me.  I plan to get my pair of the Explorer Glass soon and will bring you all even more news about the product.

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Do any of you plan to buy the consumer edition when it comes out? Has anyone applied to be part of the newest addition of the Explorer group with the twitter hashtag #ifihadglass?  Let us know!

Source | TheVerge

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Justin Duino