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If you happened to watch our latest podcast, you know that we spent a lot of time talking about wearable technology and even more time comparing the Neptune Pine watch to the Pebble Smart-watch.  So what is so special about this watch? How about a fully functioning Android smartphone but in watch form.  This isn’t just like Google Glass that is an add-on to your phone, it is a stand-alone-phone.  The Neptune has pretty much every feature and ability that any phone has.

Besides just showing you what time it is, the 2.4″ capacitive touchscreen has the ability to show your the world.  The watch has a sim card slot so that users can insert their sim from any gsm network and be up and running.  You will also be able to make calls (via bluetooth headset), send text messages with an on-screen keyboard, and even take photos.  The full list of specs can be found here.

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As for availability, the company is hoping for a release of the product in Q3 of this year.  While the watch is feature packed, you may be in for a shock at the price point.  The estimated price for the 8gb version is $335, 16gb is #365, and the 32gb smart watch will be $395.  Now this may shock some people (spending hundreds of dollars on a watch), but when you think about it, this is basically a phone.  When you look at most unlocked cell phones, they will run you up to $900 (unless you count the LG Nexus 4 that goes for $300).  For this price, and the features that are supposed to come with it, this is actually one great deal.

If you are interested in purchasing the Neptune Pine, you can sign up to reserve a watch now here.

If you aren’t interested in this smart watch, how about other wearable technology like the Pebble or Google Glass?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino