With all of the programs, widgets, and apps that run on your smartphone, it’s hard to get a full day of battery life out of our smartphones sometimes. If your phone dies and you’re not near a charger, you suddenly feel lost and alone without your beloved smartphone. Trust me, I know the feeling.

Here are 5 ways that you can improve the battery life of your Android smartphone:

1. Don’t leave apps running when you aren’t using them

What’s the point of using up that space on your phone when you aren’t using the apps? To completely close apps that you aren’t using at the moment, go to Settings, then Apps (or Application manager), then Running, and click Stop next to the apps that you don’t need. If you want a simpler way to do this, then go to the multitasking screen (seen below on my Samsung Galaxy S3) and manually kill your unwanted running apps. All phones have different ways to reach this screen though so make sure you find out how to reach yours. I found that this significantly reduces the amount of memory that my smartphone uses.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Multitasking Screen

2. Lower the brightness of your screen

Many people like having the brightness up the highest that it can go simply because it’s easier for them to see the screen. Lowering your screen brightness to even just half brightness can dramatically help your battery life though. Your phone’s biggest battery eater is the display, so you can help out your battery life by not making your phone display work as hard. This is probably the single most important thing you can do if you’re in need of that extra 10 minutes of battery life.

3. Turn off WiFi, GPS, or Bluetooth as often as possible

These three things are huge battery life destroyers because they take so much power to run. Only use WiFi when you’re trying to connect to the Internet, only use GPS when you’re trying to navigate someplace, and only use Bluetooth when you need to connect to another device. Get in the habit of turning these things on when you need them and then off when you’re done. It will greatly improve your battery life!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Quick Controls

4. Use a ringtone instead of vibrate

I admit that I love to have my phone on vibrate because it doesn’t annoy other people if it goes off when I’m in public and it doesn’t annoy me when I’m at home by myself. Most people don’t realize it, but using a ringtone is better for your battery life than using vibrate. Your phone has to work harder to vibrate than it does to just make a noise. Although this isn’t one of the most significant ways that you can improve your battery life, it can certainly help quite a bit!

5. Install the app called JuiceDefender

Personally, I love this app because it pretty much does everything for me. It’s an app that you can find on the Play Store that extends your battery life all by itself by turning off certain functions and apps when you’re not using them. I highly recommend checking out their website to see if you like it: http://www.juicedefender.com/. (P.S. You should download this app and the AndroidMeter app at the same time!)

Juice Defender Scrrenshot

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Brittany Lesperance

Brittany Lesperance

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